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CBD Revolution


Today it is almost impossible not to hear about the amazing benefits and tremendous growth in the CBD market. In fact, the market for CBD is estimated to grow to 22 billion dollars.


With such dynamic growth, soaring customer interest, and daily news stories, it is hard to imagine any retailer not wanting CBD on their shelves.

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Salons are the perfect place to discussed the fantastic benefits of CBD.

Every Salon and Spa owner knows the value of product sales in their business. However, seldom does the opportunity to increase profits while also helping and healing your Customers come along. 

Let us show you how to participate in the fastest growing product and health trend sweeping the country - CBD. 

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Add CBD products to Your practice.
The statistics show CBDs exponential growth in pet health between 2017 and 2018
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​CBD is not just the fastest growing NEW product for your Patients but also their Owner. Don't miss out on the expanded revenue potential of CBD.

CBD and hemp product claims spike by 300 per cent, says Trupanion


April 11, 2019

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