Our Story

As a family, we were tired of prescriptions for our ailments that had so many unhealthy side effects. We decided to try CBD because of the natural Endocannabinoid system that interacts with our body without the psychoactive high. This changed our lives so much we knew we had to share our story.

Hi, we are Mark and Lori Soller


B2G Health (Better2Gether Health) began more than a decade ago by my Wife as, Feeling Better Together, a blog and community of people looking to better their lives through community and shared experiences of pain, sorrow, injury, and recovery.  As for me, I have spent more years than I care to admit, building businesses or chasing off on corporate assignments and living in multiple locations.


It was through time and the mutual discovery of Cannabidiol (CBD) - for me, from a business perspective, my Wife from a health and healing view - that started us off on our first mutual business endeavor. Today we are involved in the CBD business from the seed genetics and farming, oil extraction and product formulation, to getting product directly in the hands of people like you.


Better Together is all about people and companies working cooperatively toward both individual and collaborative success. As serial entrepreneurs -who I define as someone who has learned to endure the arduous climbs and death defining fails of business startups- we look forward to working with all our partners to build success in your business.


“When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”

Howard Schultz


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Our Companies